We manufacture flexible and rigid elastics for underwear and clothing manufacturers, as well as for automotive and healthcare industry.

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Curtain and Drape Tapes

An integral part of curtains and drapes are pleating tapes. They help create elegant home designs. ELAS offers pleating tapes that you simply sew onto your drapes.

If you need curtain tapes that are decorative or classic, long or short, narrow or wide, ELAS has the right one for you. These high-quality tapes are made of cotton or polyester and are either transparent, white or beige. It should be noted, that the tapes are differentiates not only based on their material and color, but also on the way they pleat and the way they are used. There is therefore plenty to choose from.

They are simply sewn onto a curtain or a drape. There is no need to worry about any change in design. The tapes are sewn on the obverse side of the curtains and therefore do not change the way the curtains look. You will not even notice they are there. Curtain drapes will only reinforce your drapes.

After you sew them on, you pull a string and your curtains will be beautifully pleated. How much pleated your curtains and drapes will be is entirely up to you. The wide tape may in some cases even hide unsightly hooks or even the whole rail.

We sew our curtain drapes on the cutting-edge Swiss MÜLLER machines. The tapes are delivered in the adjustment, which fully complies with the retail and wholesale customers. You can choose from cotton or polyester curtain tapes.

Pleating curtains without our curtain tapes is time-consuming and difficult, so stop wasting your precious time with it. Our curtain tapes will do it for you.

When choosing your curtain tapes, we recommend buying the same length as of your curtains.

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