We manufacture flexible and rigid elastics for underwear and clothing manufacturers, as well as for automotive and healthcare industry.

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Weaved Rubber Ropes

Weaved rubber ropes excel with their high elasticity, which enables them to stretch up to twice their original length. At the same time, they remain their original parameters and elasticity. Thanks to these properties, the rubber ropes have a long-lasting lifetime period.

The rubber ropes have latex core, which is braided with polypropylene or polyester fibers. The material of the fibers determines the rope’s properties. The ropes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 1 – 10 mm.

Weaved rubber ropes can be used in a wide variety of industry branches. In automotive industry, it serves for tightening up cargo. Secure fixation is ensured by the rope’s elasticity, which acts as a shock absorber on uneven terrain. Another use is fixation of car tarpaulins.

In addition to automotive industry, elastic ropes are also used in textile industry. In particular sportswear benefit from the use of rubber ropes. Elastic rubber ropes with small diameter and a special clip are used in hoodies, jackets or pants. Trekking shoes use rubber ropes to replace laces and thus allow you to put on your shoes more easily. Some sporting goods also benefit from the rope’s elasticity. Last but not least, they are also used for attachment of advertisement billboards or when covering garden furniture with a tarpaulin.

German HERZOG machinery is used for making weaved rubber ropes of various diameters and colors. As a result, ELAS rubber ropes are of the highest quality with long lifetime.

If you are not certain, which rubber rope you need, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you with choosing the right one for you.


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