We manufacture flexible and rigid elastics for underwear and clothing manufacturers, as well as for automotive and healthcare industry.

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We weave exclusively on the cutting-edge Swiss MÜLLER machines.

We usually work with cotton, polyamide, polyester, high-strength polyester and polypropylene. For elasticity, we use natural latex or elastane fibers from Lycra and Dorlastan-Roica companies.

We offer custom-made jacquard patterned tapes and ribbons.


Knitted products are produced in MÜLLER and COMEZ machines. We usually work with cotton, polyamide and polyester. For elasticity, we use natural latex or elastane fibers from Dorlastan-Roica company.


Woven rubber ropes are made using German HERZOG machines. We usually work with cotton, polyamide, polyester, high-strength polyester. For elasticity, we add natural latex fibers.


Knitted and weaved products are machine-dyed using continuous and batch procedures. We dye the following materials: cotton, polyamide and their mixtures with elastane and latex.

We provide polyester yarn dyeing based on wage dyeing. The colors are selected directly by the customers either based on physical model or according to color catalogues such as Pantone, RAL etc.

Finishing department

We adjust the physical-chemical properties of our products based on our customers’ needs. We do the following adjustments:

  • permanent and temporary tactile adjustments (firmness and softness)
  • hydrophobic coating
  • oleophobic coating
  • dirt-resistance
  • fire-resistance according to DIN 75 200 (automotive)
  • staining (shrinkage prevention etc.)


Adjustment and Storage of Finished Products

We package all goods in accordance to our customers’ wishes. Our products are usually packaged:

  • freely in a box
  • reeled on a coil
  • rolled up

Products packaged in such way are dispatched in boxes on pallets. We keep a large number of standard items on stock, which ensures the possibility of next-day shipping for small purchases. We dispatch every day from 6AM till 3PM every work day.

Quality Assurance and Technical Development

Quality assurance takes place during the whole production process in our modern laboratory. Every quality parameter is then archived and declared to our clients in the form of technical data sheets and attestations.
Technical development of our products are assured and organized by a separate engineer.

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